Rescue Bookkeeping service

Bookkeeping Rescue

Is your financial records messy? Since when did you last kept records of your business finances? Are you having a hard time organising your financial records? Then you are in need of our Bookkeeping Rescue Service.

Moruya Bookkeeping Rescue Service is ideal for clients who have not kept any of their financial records for months or even years. Our rescue service will be customized to fit your needs. However, our clients typically needs us for the following:

  • Bank reconciliations have not been completed for years
  • Out of balance Bank Reconciliations
  • Clearing accounts not correct
  • GST allocation not correct
  • Incorrect payroll setup.
  • No lodgement of GST/IAS Returns for years.

Moruya Bookkeeping Rescue Service removes the complexity involved in Rescue Bookkeeping. Sometimes, we will start from scratch with a new file, especially if the client’s current or old file is too messy.

Our team of bookkeeping experts will analyse the errors in our client’s accounts and organise the disarrayed data so that it makes sense to our client. Our bookkeepers will correct errors from previous years, which are messing up your current reporting. We will do a detailed investigation and correction of your accounts.

Moruya Bookkeeping Rescue will summarise our client’s payroll figures and determine the differences in what should have been paid to their current and former employees. This will also involve termination payments, leave payments and incorrect pay runs.

Our team of bookkeeping experts will verify the amounts showing as owing in your accounts and reconcile it with your supplier statements. And if a client has outstanding monies owed to our client, we will help you determine them, while creating a system to avoid further similar issues arising again.

The prices for our Rescue Bookkeeping may vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. However, our rescue work is charged upfront in 10 hour blocks.

If your financial records need rescuing, Moruya Bookkeeping can assist you in reviewing and reconciling all balance sheets. For further information regarding our rescue service or any of our accounting and bookkeeping services, talk to us. Call the bookkeeping experts now at 0477 656 979 or fill out the form in our contact us page.

When it comes to figuring all these bookkeeping and payroll intricacies any Small or Medium Business needs professional help – our HELP!