Non-Profit Organisations

Accounting & Bookkeeping
for Non-Profit Organisations

Moruya Bookkeeping is also a provider of Bookkeeping for Non-Profit Organisations. Our bookkeeping services are uniquely tailored to meet the demands of non-profit organisations.

We at Moruya Bookkeeping understand that non-profit organisations are unique in the way they operate.But there are some similarities with non-profit organisations to traditional businesses especially when it comes to the regulations governing these entities.

Moruya Bookkeeping has a team of bookkeeping experts who can assist you with all our reporting needs. With our accounting and bookkeeping services, you spend less time on receipts and invoices – and more time on overseeing all the daily operations of your organisation.

Your own part-time or on-demand bookkeepers

Utilizing the state or the art bookkeeping tools, our bookkeeping for non-profit organisations give us and our clients the option to see our client’s fiscal calendar. We are also able to identify vital data through a more efficient, faster and better way. From the moment a client decides to work with us, we will dedicate a bookkeeper, who will oversee and track all financial statements of your organisations.

Online accounting, in real time, anytime and anywhere

Bookkeeping for Non-Profit Organisations has never been easier! Moruya Bookkeeping utilizes cloud-based software, Xero or MYOB, to provide an individual portal to each of our client. This means that your data is secured and can be accessed 24/7. Get all the data you need, anytime, anywhere in the world. With Moruya Bookkeeping, you will always be on top of everything, even though you’re not focusing too much on your financial statements.

Become Environmentally friendly with Paperless Bookkeeping

Moruya’s Bookkeeping for Non-Profit Organisations makes use of online tools to assess the receipts and all fiscal information about our client’s organization. Our invoicing is as simple as logging in to your portal page and issue invoices on the go.

Flexible Bookkeeping for Non-Profit Organisations

Whatever bookkeeping requirements your organization have, we at Moruya Bookkeeping can meet them. We have years of experience in customizing our system to become suited for each of our client. We will keep your records and manage all paper works the best way that works for you.

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